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Slap Shot wrote:

D2D wrote:

I thought the U.S. was a little lucky to pull this one out. A very close offsides call review reversed what appeared to be a good goal by England. And the U.S. goalie coming up huge on a penalty kick in the waning minutes preserved the Americans’ lead in the waning minutes.

The U.S. played without Megan Rapinoe who reportedly was out with a pulled hamstring. Or was she possibly held out for some other reason???

I would say yes and no to this. The US was the better side on the whole and the goal was technically offsides. Plus the PK England was given was pretty iffy so you could say it, “evened out” the disallowed goal. Had ENG tied it – whether or not they accumulated the 2nd yellow and subsequent red to play with 10 – I thought the US controlled play enough they would have been the favorites to retake the lead eventually even if it went to OT.

I thought the penalty was iffy as well. I watched that replay 20 times and was shocked she gave the penalty.

On the offside VAR made the right call but if games are going to add 10-15 minutes then they really need to rethink what they are looking at