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I’ll admit to not being much of a soccer fan, but I’ve been watching all the U.S. games so far and have been entertained. Just some random questions/comments:

> There are way too many fake injuries. The girls go down writhing in pain, grabbing their leg or knee and doing their best to sell a foul to the referee. Then when nothing is called they get right back in the play, often without the slightest limp. Soccer needs to do something to cut down on this nonsense, like maybe adding an embellishment or “diving” penalty when the player is obviously not hurt.

> There is not enough scoring. I’d like to see them do something with the offsides rule, maybe go to a “blue line” approach like hockey. Or something else that would create more offense. Going a whole half with just a couple of shots on net isn’t enough.

> The penalty for unintentional hand balls (in the box or whatever it’s called) is too harsh. It results in a goal against about 90% of the time.

> Why does the clock run backwards, with “extra time” added for stoppages? How much time is added and then left before the game actually ends is kind of a guess.

That said I am really enjoying the games, and very much hope the U.S. finds a way to win it. I get the feeling they’ll have to play better to get the job done.