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davescharf wrote:

Harry McGuire is another of these guys who doesn’t look like he should be nearly as good as he is. He seems to win absolutely every aerial battle even when he doesn’t jump.

Lukaku is like this too in some regards…he’s a beast with an amazing combo of size, power and speed. He’s a handful for any back line

I also swear I have a better chance of scoring a goal than Raheem Sterling in this World Cup

McGuire was immense for England today, he’s a real force in that back 3, and fantastic in the air.

Sterling was interesting today, I felt that he played well, he was making good runs and pressing where he needed to, just couldn’t finish. I don’t know if the weight of the England crest is too much, or what, but he doesn’t seem to play with the same confidence as he does at City. I wonder what the English press will have to say; he always is under a microscope with them.