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gopherguy13 wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

Not a big fan of Africa and NA I see lol

If Salah was fit, I’d have had Egypt getting out of Group A, but without him playing at full strength I think they miss out.

Morocco has a really tough draw with Spain and France

Nigeria is a tough one, in the end I just think Croatia is stronger

Tunisia I know virtually nothing about

Senegal might the African team with the best shot. I could definitely see them sneaking out of that group, but in the end I went with the star power of Lewandowski.

As for the NA teams…

I think Costa Rica will really struggle and be 3rd or 4th

Switzerland over Mexico was my upset, that one might come back to bite me

My Spurs bias might have come into play when picking England to beat Colombia lol

Switzerland over Mexico is an upset???? Mexico winning their group would be a huge upset!!