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gopherguy13 wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

It’s the most popular sport in the world because you don’t need money to play and have dreams in it. I’m sure in the US system there are plenty of politics, though.

It’s just going to be hard to get kids playing when the other sports get so much more publicity. It’s a cycle and I don’t know if the US will be able to be a legitimate world contender in the next few decades.

Yeah, we’re always going to be at a disadvantage because kids here are more often than not going to grab a baseball, basketball, or football to play pickup games with their friends, long before they grab a soccer ball. Compared to countries like Brazil, where the kids in favelas do nothing but play soccer all day, every day.

In contrast, I would suggest that this is changing rapidly now, and as others may have mentioned, it is starting from the cities and first/second ring suburbs, and making its way out. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing percentage of the population in these areas who grew up watching soccer as the sport that they want to play versus american football or baseball. This includes families from Mexico, South America, Europe, etc.