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solar wrote:

Has anyone questioned Howard’s level of play that night? It sure felt like he was exposed a little bit with some poor positioning. The first own-goal ended up going in after an ill-timed jump, and the second goal went in from such a long distance – even though it was a fabulous (uncontested) shot. Yes, I am aware these were not easy plays, but it did not feel like his best effort was on display that night.

After typing that last line, I guess the same could be said for everyone on the team. :chainsaw: :anger:

I just don’t get why the team can’t find a keeper under the age of 50 to play the position. Though that seems like a lot of different positions on this team.

Howard was amazing four years ago in the World Cup but the guy can’t possibly do this forever. I would think that’s part of the reason he’s no longer in the EPL.