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gopherguy13 wrote:

I mean, are people looking at it after watching the EPL, and comparing it to that level? Because yeah if you’re watching USMNT looking for silky smooth passing, offensive creativity, and technical ability, you’re not going to find it.

Well yeah that’s the gold standard and ideally we try and get closer to that. I would agree the US doesn’t have the talent of some of those teams but I’m not sure they’re doing enough with the talent they have either or even assembling the right group of players.

Slap Shot wrote:

Curious why people think Arena should be out? Didn’t the team virtually implode with Klinsman (sp?) and rebound quite healthily once Bruce took over? Did he make some really poor tactical or lineup decisions toward the end? I mean they took care of their qualifying game at home and for whatever reason slept-walked against T&T. Where did Arena fall short here?

Thanks Dan, I’ll hang up and listen.

Sounds like he’s a pretty average/below average coach in his approach to the game. Like GG13 has said they play a very direct style of play but that’s not always ideal when it doesn’t result in offense and opens up holes the other way.

Also how has the team not found a goalkeeper under the age of 50 yet?