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Slap Shot wrote:

Curious why people think Arena should be out? Didn’t the team virtually implode with Klinsman (sp?) and rebound quite healthily once Bruce took over? Did he make some really poor tactical or lineup decisions toward the end? I mean they took care of their qualifying game at home and for whatever reason slept-walked against T&T. Where did Arena fall short here?

Thanks Dan, I’ll hang up and listen.

I just never liked the hire from the beginning. Something about hiring a guy you’ve fired in the past rubs me the wrong way.

But regardless, I don’t care if we get Pep Guardiola to manage the USMNT, if you fail to qualify for the World Cup, I think a change is needed.

Qualifying for this tournament is far and away the most important part of the job. This failure should come with a new coach, and a VERY hard look at the players who allowed this to happen.