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I’d say US soccer is more like Gopher football. The raw talent just isn’t there to be a contender, and the style of play is tough for watch for non die hard fans.

How many USA soccer games have you watched in the last 4 years, roughly?

Stop it..it’s so cute watching the soccer haters suddenly discover this thread :biggrin2:

Lol… I just don’t know how someone can say that USA’s style is “tough to watch”, unless they don’t watch many games at all.

I mean my brother who’s played soccer his entire life said the same thing. It just doesn’t sound like they have any talent at the full back position and do a lot of overly aggressive non-creative play. I’m no soccer expert so I’m deferring to him but historically what I’ve seen from US Soccer that sounds about right.

I mean, are people looking at it after watching the EPL, and comparing it to that level? Because yeah if you’re watching USMNT looking for silky smooth passing, offensive creativity, and technical ability, you’re not going to find it.

But their actual style of play, I would not say they’re boring at all. For better or worse, they traditionally take the game to their opponent.

If we’re talking about a lack of star players and/or technical ability, I think that’s a bit of a different conversation.