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I’d say US soccer is more like Gopher football. The raw talent just isn’t there to be a contender, and the style of play is tough for watch for non die hard fans.

How many USA soccer games have you watched in the last 4 years, roughly?

Stop it..it’s so cute watching the soccer haters suddenly discover this thread :biggrin2:

Lol… I just don’t know how someone can say that USA’s style is “tough to watch”, unless they don’t watch many games at all.

I watch (pretty much) every game… for the last 30 years. It is tough to watch. National teams usually are more disjointed than club teams because they don’t get to work together as much. And the US team is usually hard to watch.

How is the USMNT tough to watch compared to other national teams though? Of course they haven’t had the superstars of the major soccer nations, but I guess I don’t think they’re “hard to watch” at all. We generally play direct soccer, and go for the jugular, rather than settling for draws or 1 goal wins (see: dos a cero games vs. Mexico). We certainly don’t park the bus.

Compared to other national teams… similar. Doesn’t make them easy to watch. And you’ve hit on a major problem with them… The best play is not always all out attack. There is a time for that, but also a time to pull back and just keep possession for a spell. They lose possession way too easily.