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Bonin21 wrote:

I don’t watch soccer as much as I used to. From 03 to 08 it was my life, and I watched heavily through WC 14. During that time I tried to watch US games but never felt like they played the beautiful game as it was meant to be played. Since middle school I supported my country of heritage, who had a golden generation but couldn’t win the big one. Now they missed Euro 16 and WC 18…

… But in the meantime I married a Brazilian. :)

“As it was meant to be played”, meaning that they don’t have superstars like Robben, van Persie, Sneijder, etc?

I guess yeah if you’re just watching for world superstars, USMNT isn’t ideal, but their style of play is definitely not “tough to watch”. They generally leave it all out there, and play a direct style. It’s not like they’re always out there playing for a 1-0 win, parking the bus.

Sure, tonight they were awful, but you can’t base judgements of an entire soccer federation on one result.