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Heart and soul is literally what USA Soccer is known for.

Didn’t see one ounce of that tonight. Saw A LOT of standing around expecting T’n’T to bow down and give the game to the States.

So you expect them to have this heart and soul every single game? Did you watch the game like 4 nights ago where we absolutely destroyed Panama? Plenty of heart and soul on display in that game.

Give me an example of a team (in any sport) that you feel exemplifies the “heart and soul” you’d like to see out of the American soccer team, and I’ll find you a game where that team looked completely uninspired, and lost when there were big stakes on the line. It’s sports. That happens.

You make good points, but the program still needs to be nuked from orbit.

Oh, no doubt. Arena and Gulati need to be fired, and there needs to be wholesale changes in the program. But the comments about how “soccer is not popular in this country because the players don’t show heart and soul” are just ignorant and incorrect.