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The more I see that goal by Messi, the more I get pissed at Guzan.

Because he looked slow to react or because he broke the wrong way just long enough to have no chance?

I’ve felt this all year but the US needs to get their Keeper situation figured out. If Guzan is our #1 at the WC that’s a really bad sign

I’ll be honest, it was basically everything after the point he set his wall and moved into position.

He reacted slow, his reaction was poor (double jumped and actually jumped the wrong way indicating he was guessing), and I would have liked to have seen maybe a fifth player on that wall on the far side of the wall (though this is probably hindsight bias).

If you look at the shot, he’s standing almost 75% of the way to the far post. That’s perfect. You want to setup your wall to cover as much of that near post as possible. On a shot from this position, I’m trying to cover no less than half the goal and if I can find a spare guy, maybe 60%. When you look at where he is when the shot is in the air, he’s back to around the center of the net.

(The second picture is after he’s moved back towards center and is trying to recover before he dives. It’s not shown but he moves to just in front of the person in red behind the goal when the ball is just crossing the wall.)

At the kick, Messi perfectly splits the wall and the Argentinian attacker and bends it in to where Guzan was standing. I’ve actually made a similar save in a set piece from about that location. A national team goalie needs to make this save every time. I know it’s the greatest player on earth, but when the net is shortened by almost 12 feet, you don’t need a great reaction. You should be able to read that arc fairly easily.

Two other points. The wall collapsed in on itself. God I hate that.

The second, which seems odd given the first point, is that you need to trust your wall. Set it up right and trust it. If (lol) Messi can bend it around a well-placed wall on the near side, make him earn that. That’s a much more difficult shot in my opinion. You have less distance for the ball to arc back and you have to go over or around the wall. Guzan shouldn’t have jumped back. Once he did that, the save was nearly impossible. If he trusts the wall, he doesn’t and shouldn’t make that cut back.

He wasn’t screened and by the time he was making his final dive, the ball was just outside the goal area.