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How about the violence in France? :lol:

Funny how the English always seem to be involved in it too ;)

It’s definitely a case of the old reputation coming back to haunt us. England are still seen as the kings of the casuals. England fans have been attacked abroad for years now because the locals got pumped and thought it was going to be the same types from the ’70s and ’80s. They just end up beating the shit out of some face-painted guy wearing one of those stupid hats. Nowadays all the battle-tested of the brainless in England have to turn their passports in to the authorities every time England plays away.

I saw something on Russian hooligans awhile back. They train out in the woods for these hooligan brawls. They’re cops and ex-military as well. Compare that to the average English hooligan who has beer and chip grease coursing through their veins. But I’d like to see them go against the ’80s Red Army.