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@Bigbeer wrote:

I played soccer as a kid and really want to like it, especially watching the national teams, but you would think a sport with so little scoring would have rules to:

– not make one team play a man short for a whole half or longer?
– one player in the box passing to another in the box ends up as an offside?

I’m not trying to make hockey comparisons or bash soccer, I’m just surprised the sport is so huge worldwide when every time I watch I think ‘well that’s a stupid rule’.

10 men vs 11 is a whole lot different than 4 men to 5. It’s only a slight advantage really, and is actually somewhat rare. As far as offside rule goes, it’s a bit wonky and 50/50 good call/bad call in many cases….but it’s the rules that have been in place for a century or more.