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Some people can’t stand the rolling around. Personally I can’t stand hours of dead time, tv commercials, and color guys dissecting why farts blow a certain direction at noon at soldier field.

Yeah, once you start watching soccer, it makes most other American sports (football being the worst, obviously) seem almost ridiculous with all the stoppages.

Football is so terrible I actually have trouble watching it sometimes.

Start, stop, commercial, start, stop, start, stop, field goal, commercial, kickoff, commercial, start, stop, start, stop.

I agree 100%.

Most of my British friends always ask me what America is on about when it comes to American football. They always tell me it’s just a bunch of adverts. They’re totally right, it’s beyond ridiculous and oftentimes it’s quite tedious to watch.

I think the last super bowl had something like 15 minutes of actual gameplay…..

I tend to agree with this sentiment. However, I get much more pissed off watching men’s soccer teams that dive all over like a bunch of pansies than I do watching commercials. I really like soccer, but the amount of ridiculous diving in the men’s game in basically every country other than the US has completely ruined it for me. Women’s soccer is much more entertaining to me because they actually play the game, rather than just roll around on the ground faking injuries and such for 70 of the 94(ish) minutes.