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Men’s Olympic soccer has a rule that you have to be 23 or under.

Although, if memory serves, you can bring 2 or 3 players who are over 23. But yes, it’s essentially all the U23 players.

Yes and usually the guys over 23 are not the best players the country has to offer.

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Par for the course in the entire world of soccer….

And they wonder why soccer has not taken hold in the US? Because a potential fan in the US sees this and turns it off right away.

The average US fan watches a guy flop around like he has been shot just to get a call and they shake their head in disgust. I still have a lot of trouble accepting it when a player flops. A few years back Klinsmann made the comment that it would be good for the US to be lighter on their feet to get more calls and more free kicks. It was met with a resounding NO from the team. They wanted to be strong and play through tackles. I think the US fans who watch agree wholeheartedly.