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Gopherguy05 wrote:

I mean that may be the case, but Whalen has lost the top 6 scorers on this team. She is looking at a full Ben johnson style refurbishment of the team, except the players that are leaving are all hers, not another coaches.

If players are leaving because they want to win, they have decided they can’t win at Minnesota and that’s on Whalen either via recruiting or coaching. Her class next year is good, but it’s now literally them. Unless Whalen can literally recruit two or three starters in the portal this winter it’s another 500 team at best next season and then the rinse and repeat continues.

As of like 10 days ago there were 400+ women in the transfer portal for college basketball. I’d imagine that number has grown significantly as teams get knocked out of postseason play.

While it’s seen as a positive for the players, it’s certainly tough to be psyched about it as a fan and I’d imagine it’s unpleasant for coaches as well.