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Mark Coyle is a phenomenal AD. We’re lucky to have him and lucky to have him stay. He’s more important to Fleck staying than people think. On top of that what major coach do we have to worry about either sucking or leaving if they don’t?

His coaching hires this far have been good. Whalen was a risk, and next year is critical. But nobody was really upset by the hire.

Good on him for the extension.

You might be right in many regards to what you say about Mark Coyle. Maybe the extension was warranted.

However, Norm makes a painfully obvious, valid point. The Athletic Department (Mark Coyle) and hockey operation (Bob Motzko) have done a pathetically inadequate job of promoting Gopher hockey. Not even a point worth arguing.

Coyle gets credit for hiring PJ, but PJ was a no-brainer hire and one of the hottest up-and-coming coaches. Any AD with half a brain would have hired PJ.

Motzko was an obvious choice too. Whalen and Johnson were risks and I think we won’t know for a couple years if they are going to turn out. I like what I’ve seen so far from Johnson and am willing to give Whalen a couple more years.

Coyle has zero public presence and has done almost nothing to raise money for the athletes village.

I think Coyle is OK, but his biggest success is hiring PJ and I don’t think that really took a lot of guts. We needed a board of regents and president willing to finally pay for a top-notch coach. Not sure Coyle gets credit for that.

In no way would I characterize the PJ hire as a no brainer. There was a ton of skepticism and negativity about the hire at the time. I give Coyle a ton of credit for that hire.

There was a ton of negativity about how Coyle handled the “scandal” and the firing of Claeys, not the choosing of PJ. PJ was a top coaching candidate around the country that just about everyone was talking about. He had taken WMU to the Orange Bowl and was one of the 5 finalists for Coach of the Year.

He was definitely a hot candidate for a P5 job. But to call it a no-brainer is disingenuous IMHO. There were quite a few people begging for Les Miles to get the job, IIRC.

You are right there were some wanting Miles. Glad we didn’t pick him for many reasons, it would have been disastrous on and off the field. PJ was the obvious choice to get some momentum going and rejuvenate the fan base.

Here’s a flashback to who was being talked about: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/6-coaching-candidates-replace-tracy-claeys-minnesota

None of those did anything for me except for Fleck and Harsin, but Harsin didn’t want to leave Boise yet. May have lucked out on Harsin not being interested (controversy now at Auburn) and Coyle may have hired him if he was interested (Coyle used to be at Boise).