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Vegoe wrote:

Bonin21 wrote:

“We never give away tickets. We just lower the value per ticket by giving free “flex” tickets to STH.” Consumers are not stupid. They factor in those flex tickets when deciding they’re getting the value they want out of that purchase.

Don’t cut ticket prices, and just watch year after year as your arena is empty. Maybe empty Mariucci at current prices is the profit maximization point right now, but I doubt it. The problem with the hockey tickets is the price is not even CLOSE to the demand price. When you sell out the cheap sections, you’ll know you’re at least close.

What does it mean when you basically sell out the expensive seats

Might want to check your stats and do a year over year on this.

In the top Zone there are almost 200 seats available for one of the wisconsin games. That means non-STH. If I had checked a game like the USA exhib I’d have the exact count. 200 or whatever it is is a lot more than available in those sections recently.

The next zone after that is ugly, especially in sections 10, 16, 5, and 21. The third zone is the worst of all of them and the cheap zone is about 1/2 – 2/3 sold. So your cheapest tickets don’t meet demand and your expensive tickets are losing big chunks.

Add to that the club level. When I got Club season tickets in 19-20 I had about six spots to choose from. There are now at least 30-40 openings up there. Those are your highest profit seats.

Lowering 50 bucks a year isn’t going to do anything. If they want to make a real difference they’ll need to rip off the bandaid. Unfortunately I think some of the most complicated surgery in the world will be needed to fill Mariucci again. I’m not even sure $500 for the sides and $300 everywhere else would really make a difference. And like you said in a recent podcast I’m not sure a championship can make a significant difference either at this point. Kirill Kaprisov eats Gopher hockey revenue with every highlight reel goal he scores.

Add to that a lost year to Covid and the fact we’re still dealing with that.