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Bonin21 wrote:

“We never give away tickets. We just lower the value per ticket by giving free “flex” tickets to STH.” Consumers are not stupid. They factor in those flex tickets when deciding they’re getting the value they want out of that purchase.

Don’t cut ticket prices, and just watch year after year as your arena is empty. Maybe empty Mariucci at current prices is the profit maximization point right now, but I doubt it. The problem with the hockey tickets is the price is not even CLOSE to the demand price. When you sell out the cheap sections, you’ll know you’re at least close.

What does it mean when you basically sell out the expensive seats and don’t sell out the cheap seats?

You cut prices and you just gave away financial support that people probably won’t bother to donate.

And if you cut them now, when there is demand again you’ll probably lose people out of spite if you raise them back up.

Taking into account inflation… tickets are cheaper than they were back in 2002 and 2003.