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This isn’t UMN related, but I do think an important takeaway from this very transparent recap of the financial picture of running a ticket revenue based program is that ‘once you lose the value of your ticket you never get it back.’ Also related is that once you cut ticket prices, then you might not get that revenue back for a long time.

“We never give tickets away. We do give our season ticket holders two flex tickets so they can bring–and introduce to City!–some friends, but that’s part of the value of the Membership package they get. It’s not worth the big opening day to do things like give out free tickets to all the local youth clubs or to local college students or whatever you have heard of people doing. They value your ticket at $0 because you value it at $0 and even if you get 1,200 to your opener you’ll find yourself a few years later grinding to get 200.”


Being an AD is complicated, but I do wonder about the future of the fan base in this market once covid concerns go away.