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Beauner wrote:

JWG wrote:

Whalen is in her forth season. And the team has regressed year of year. Or at best year 3 was stagnant to year 2. Next year needs marketed improvement.

I’m willing to give her some leeway. She didn’t exactly take over in the most ideal of times.

For a first time head coach to have to deal with all the pandemic-related issues she’s had to work around while also trying to carve out her niche and recruit, etc. I’m willing to give her some extra time.

Definitely. Not going to say she deserves unlimited slack just because she was a star here by any stretch, but judging anyone based on performance the last couple of years simply isn’t fair. Taking over a dumpster fire, then less than 2 years later be in a season where the playoffs get cancelled because the world is just that messed up isn’t an environment that you can use to make fast conclusions about anything.