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At ML we do have a furnace, so there is A/C but the heat is really from a 2 zone in-floor system. The living area is set at 68 & my man cave, aka garage, is set at 64. Spray foam insulation, top of the line casement windows and a really tight OH door mean not much I. & I. so energy bills are reasonable. Summer the setting for the A/C is 78.

I will turn the in-floor down to 58 in the garage if we are going to be gone for more than a couple days.

Our house I have a really good woodstove so the furnace (we only had elec baseboard when we bought) is set at 60. When northern Anoka Co developed enough natural gas was ran in and we then added a furnace and central air. Summer we keep it at 84 when we are gone and 78 when there.

I do love me some wood heat but an outside wood boiler was not allowed at the lake.