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My furnace… grrr. Been having more issues with keeping the house at around 72°. And it just doesn’t keep it there, always about 4° lower and eventually it get back to 72° around the middle of the night. I put a new thermostat in, seeing if it was a faulty/going bad thermostat. That didn’t do the job. My dad came over Friday to help me remodel our master suite closet. While my wife and I were at Friday’s Gopher Hockey game, my was messing with it and he knows 110% more than me on heating/cooling. He says to get it service while we still have our addition warranty on it. It’s the same furnace since the house was built in ‘98.

I know there’s always additional cost comparing owing to renting. Though being a property manager for 20 plus years you see more than just renting. I joke with my wife when we first bought our house, our house is the movie ‘The Burbs’. Now I joke it’s the movie ‘The Money Pit’… lol!!!