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D2D wrote:

I’ve always stayed away from them, with no regrets, figuring they wouldn’t offer them if they were bound to lose money. Same goes for extended warranties and such on auto purchases.

What I like about Home Service Plus is the ease of the service. I bought a fridge 14 months ago. And expensive fridge. The :censored: mother board had issues after only 4-5 months. Thankfully it only affected its ability to make ice because we just got the new board this week. 9-10 months of waiting due to mircochip shortage. Since the fridge is under warranty I have been dealing with an appliance repairman (not HSP). He says he is booked 3 weeks out. If I didn’t have Home Service Plus for my water heater last week, I could be waiting weeks instead of hours.

As for car warranties, our last 4 cars have been 2 Hondas and 2 GM. We got rid of the GMC Acadia after less than a year because it had so many major issues. We bought the extended warranty on the Tahoe and have already made a profit with 30,000 miles to go.

The Hondas however have been wonderful. I would not buy an extended warranty on those.