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What’s people opinions about anode rods in water heaters even if you have a water softner?!?!?!

My water heater is dead. I’m thinking of upgrading from a 40 gal to 50 gal and considering adding an anode rod inside the water heater. The anode rod helps with sediment and corrosive elements. Though is really that necessary when we have a water softner?!?!?!

The anodes are there to purposely deteriorate so the metal that makes up your water heater does not. They are sacrificial. All water heaters should have them and you should replace them every few years. They greatly extend the life of your water heater.

We just had out annual plumbing checkup here and we discovered that my water softener is not working any longer. We started noticing hard water a couple days ago but just assumed it was a lack of salt, but now looking back that means I went through 240 lbs of salt in 3 months and that should have alerted me to something being wrong. My last one did the exact same thing when we replaced it nearly 6 years ago.

He also showed me the anode rod in the water heater (a Rheem) and it is completely shot (only wire left). I have pictures of what it the anode rod looked like 18 months ago it’s like someone melted it down to the wire between now and then. Anyways the plumber basically told us it’s not worth fixing on it’s own because the heater itself is likely already starting to rust out too. I’m having a hard time believing that since it’s only 5 years old but I know ones in this part of town don’t have long lifespans anyways because of the hardness of the water.

After seeing what some heavy duty heaters and softeners will cost it’s pretty obvious that those prices have shot up along with everything else and that now is a good time to be a licensed plumber. The water here in Plymouth alone must keep a significant % of them with more work than they can handle.

Ah – the joys of owning a home

If your water heater is only five years old, isn’t it still under warranty?

I still need to look at that but I doubt it because we have really hard water and this is west and tear

I live in Maple Grove and the water here is really hard. It’s terrible. My current water heater was installed eleven months ago. The previous water heater had a ten-year warranty and started leaking one month before the warranty ran out. I got a full replacement. I bought the last one at Lowes in Maple Grove and all I had to do was return the old water heater, pick up the new one, bring it home and have it installed the following day. All I had to pay for was the installation. :good2:

No provisions in the warranty for water quality or wear and tear. If your water heater is only five years old I would think you may be able to get a full replacement. If you have the receipt for your water heater, you should call customer service at whoever manufactured your water heater and tell them what’s wrong. You may be pleasantly surprised that your warranty covers your problem, and they will replace your water heater.

You can’t hit it if you don’t swing at it.

If it’s just the anode rod deteriorating, just replace that. I think the guy is just trying to sell you a new water heater. If it’s not leaking you should be OK. The deterioration of the anode rod tells me it’s doing it’s job.

As of right now, there is nothing to warranty since the tank isn’t leaking. He can either replace the anode and hope it prolongs the life of the tank for a number of years, or leave it as is and hope it starts leaking before the warranty runs out.