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YoungEagle wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

My water heater went out on me the afternoon before I left for Madison. My trip was in jeopardy because I couldn’t leave the wife/kids without hot water.

I called Centerpoint Home Service Plus and they came out within two hours and fixed it at no additional cost. With appliances lasting only 6-7 years, I highly recommend a service like Home Service Plus.

I’ve lived in this house for less than 6 years and I have had Centerpoint out to fix my dryer twice, my fridge twice, and my water heater twice.

At my old house I had them make some major repairs, including a new mother board on my oven, new blower motor on my furnace, a new mother board on my dryer, and a drain line cleanout.

I don’t buy cheap appliances, but they still seem to have a lot of odd problems.

When your furnace blower motor died did it spew a disgusting metallic burning smell thru all the vents? Mine failed spectacularly last April, and did that.

Not that I recall, but it happened over 10 years ago.