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davescharf wrote:

I wasn’t sure where to put this but I think it’s interesting. My neighbors next door moved at the end of July and sold their house to Zillow for a price that shocked me. It’s sat on the market because Zillow overpriced it but now it looks like it’s sold and about to close.

Another neighbor and I were taking today and we realized that my wife and I are still the newest people on the block until the closing. What’s crazy about that is that we’ve been in our house for 16 years

When we moved in we figured the neighborhood would turn over quite a bit since our neighbors all around us had grown kids. In this day of people seemingly moving every 5 pr so years it’s just amazing that no one has in our entire time here

I love these stories. I don’t know why. I am living in my 6th house in 20 years. My current house I have been in for 10 years this December. When we bought this one, we are in a rare part of the Fargo area that was developed around us by Fargo but we are our own city. Anyway, I was one of the newest people to move in to this 85 home community 10 years ago, meaning people had lived here since their houses were built. Now I am one of the longer tenured residents. The housing market in Fargo is nuts, people are selling houses in my community for 3-4 times what they paid for them. I bought mine in the very low end of the first housing surge so my value has increased about 250%. I love where I live but we are talking about a barndominium and I am not sure I could tear down and do that here but I don’t want specials or a huge lot to do it.

Anyway, got off on a tangent. I like hearing about how folks think their area will go one direction and it doesn’t.