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Kelly Red wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

Kelly Red wrote:

gator wrote:

Up next… the furnace… LoL!!! It’s the original from 1998.

Ours is original too. 1907! :lol:

But each time we have it checked they say the same thing…it will last forever. There’s virtually no moving or electronic parts, it’s a metal hulking beast. We have radiator heat so the “energy savings” of a new furnace is negotiable. Forced air would be different, radiators not so much.

Don’t you get sick of shoveling coal? :lol:

Converted to gas in the late 20s. Coal room is now my husbands work shop.

We have the classic Halloween scary basement. Stone walls, original dirt floor we covered with a layer of cement. LOW head bumping ceiling. Too many spider webs for my comfort.

It’s not one of those Octopus ones is it? A friend’s wife had one and I thought it was so cool, but yours may me 20-30 years before that tech came along