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Is anyone else having a really bad fall dandelion problem right now? I have a corner of my yard where it’s worse than anything I see in the Spring

I’m seriously considering getting a new lawn service because my grass is as green and healthy as it’s ever been. I thought that was supposed to hep keep the weed away

Dandelions generally don’t get choked out by a healthy lawn. But you should ask your lawn service when they apply weed control with yourself application. Some only do it in the spring Nd depending on your watering situation, I wouldn’t apply it this fall because the grass may not be strong enough to handle it.

That could be what happened. We put in an irrigation system this spring and the yard looks great except the dandelions and thistle has been terrible in a section back by my garden.

I’m sure a bit of it is due to weeds overtaking the garden and spreading beyond that but I’ve never seen it this bad in the Fall with any of the lawn services I’ve used over the years. I think we are going to get rid of the garden which should help but I spent a ton of time pulling stuff before cutting my grass today

Thistle definitely gets choked out by a healthy lawn. Droughts are horrible to bringing in thistle too. It’s just been a tough, weird year.

I have to dethatch half my yard and overseed. Good thing my neighbor is a landscaper.

I think I should do this with my front yard especially, but it will be completely covered by leaves eventually and I don’t really want to wind up with a bunch of grass seed in my mower’s bag.