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HockeyBum wrote:

Has anyone been assessed for road replacement done on your street? My city is re-doing the roads in my neighborhood next year. I just finished reading the proposal, and it says “Estimated assessment per single family property will be $11,000 – $15,000. This seems shockingly high to me.

Now granted… I live in an older neighborhood that was built in the late ’60’s/early ’70’s. Besides road repair, they also have to replace aging infrastructure (ex: water mains, sewers, etc…). They are also retrofitting the neighborhood to install sidewalks (which I think are unnecessary and didn’t want). Still, I wasn’t prepared for this steep of a bill. I was expecting it to be in the $5,000 range. This is the first time I’ve lived somewhere that will be getting road repairs, so I was wondering if this is normal?

That’s a big number but they’re doing some pretty major work too. They’re putting new asphalt down in my neighborhood only this year and that’s costing us $1000 which seemed pretty reasonable. They did all that bigger stuff 20 years ago according to

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