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Norm wrote:

We have what I fear might be an insurmountable issue. The cast iron sewer stack for our 70 yr old house is rusting out where it passes through the basement floor. It comes down the west wall, goes through the floor, then comes out under the east side of our house. In other words it runs under the floor the length of the house, including under the furnace.

I smeared a tub of Flex Seal around it which slowed down the leakage but there’s still a little sewage seeping out around it. Of course our plumber is swamped with A/C calls and can’t look at it for a while.

I was told Flex Seal would fix any leak. I am highly disappointed to hear this isn’t true.

If you have any luck the deterioration will be isolated to the area near the spot where is enters the floor and not require replacement along the entire length of floor. I have seen plumbers patch in PVC or new cast iron to older underground drains. Good luck as the worst case scenario sounds quite expensive.

I had to cancel the family Hawaiian vacation so we could fund a plumping project of our own last year so I feel your pain.

If you have to replace the stack running through the wall try to avoid PVC as you will hear water flowing every time someone showers or flushes. Cast iron is something I miss from the old house.