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Late to the party here with windows and condensation in the winter. The below link explains it really well.

https://www.andersenwindows.com/-/media/aw/files/technical-docs/care-and-maintenance/guide-to-understanding-condensation-care-maintenance.pdf” class=”bbcode_url”>https://www.andersenwindows.com/-/media/aw/files/technical-docs/care-and-maintenance/guide-to-understanding-condensation-care-maintenance.pdf

I also employed a 30-year window expert who worked for Andersen, Pella and Marvin. He also did some presentations for the This Old House crew once so I still trust him with any window question I have. Bottom line, it’s hard to avoid it in our climate. New houses (even with air exchangers) are sealed up so tight, it’s almost inevitable. You need to keep your humidity between 30-50% for the woodworking and floating floors, but tour windows will run like a faucet. Going below 30%, down to the 20% you need to eliminate the condensation will cause woodwork issues. Best bet is to keep shades open and air circulating in the room when at all possible.

Also, I use Home Defense at the lake and at hone and have never had any bugs in my home or cabin. The stuff works well.