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gopherguy06 wrote:

Random question, we have a newer house (~2010) and all the windows are full of condensation, especially the colder days and now there is a layer of ice on the bottom. The water pools and is getting on the wood of the frames so worried about damage.

From what I read, older houses with bad windows would but how do people solve it? We just bought the house so haven’t dealt with it before. From what I can read, maybe need to adjust humidity in the house

I wonder if the gas leaked out of your double paned windows? That’s bad condensation. I have a house built in ’93 and I only get slight condensation on the coldest nights, and then it’s at the very bottom edge of the windows, especially in the kitchen. On the coldest nights, I’ll place a small fan next to the window and blow it against the glass. Not exactly a heat saving measure, but it keeps condensation from building up and frosting.

Almost every year I give the window base a slight sand with high grit sandpaper and then give it a swipe of satin varnish. It takes a few minutes of my time and costs next to nothing, but it keeps your window frames protected from sun and moisture.

As someone else mentioned, you should be running an air to air exchanger in the house, if you aren’t already. This makes a huge difference. I got so sick and tired of the Aprilaire that I just shut it down. Haven’t run it in forever, I can’t detect any ill effect from the low humidity.