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Bertogliat wrote:

Kelly Red wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

I am glad I didn’t hire a sketchy company or I’d have to sit back there with a lawn chair. :lol:

Oh admit it, you’re lingering at the edge of the window, you might as well make yourself comfortable.

Yeah, I’ve checked the video a couple times. Mostly because I wanted to see what was under the patio.

Turns out whoever laid the patio didn’t bother to use rebar or replace the mucky clay underneath with compactable fill. That explains the cracks and sunken portion of the patio. I don’t understand why people half-ass big projects.

To save $3.50. Its why I will never by a flipped house, every corner was cut. Nobody plans to stay in their house as a place to live anymore, somewhere along the way everyone started looking at their houses as an investment. People on average stay in homes probably 4 or 5 years now. So I’ll save money some money now and someone else can deal with the actual problem later, after I’ve moved on. Then I get the maximum amount of my investment because they only see the aesthetic portion, not the underneath which I have ruined.