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Anyone have a recommendation for a backyard shed? I’m not very handy, so preferably pre-assembled and delivered? I’ve only just started to look into it, and the options are kind of overwhelming.

I plan to put it on a concrete pad. The pad will be around 16 x 12, but I haven’t decided yet if I want a 10 x 12 shed (and leave the rest of the pad open), or to make the shed larger to fill the whole pad.

I currently have a crappy 10 x 12 plastic shed that places like Home Depot sell. It was there when I bought the house 11 years ago, and it’s leaky, caving in, and falling apart. Want to replace it with something higher quality.

We bought a 10×10 Tuff Shed last year and I’ve been very happy with it. We bought it from them because they have so many more options than what Lowe’s or HD will have. Install took them about half a day but I didn’t pour a slab because the floor is good and it’s pretty level where we installed it

Another option would be to talk to a Contractor and see what they could do.

We have a pad awaiting a shed, we’d prefer to build to get a little more custom but lumber prices are atrocious right now so a contractor will be pricey.

This spring we estimated $4k for a 10×12 shed with a 4’ roof overhang to stack firewood under. Right now it would easily be $5k or more – this is buy the lumber and DIY.

Try to see if there is a sawmill that you can get the lumber from, might save you half the cost vs. box store/lumberyard.