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Greyeagle wrote:

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Hey all,

Jup gave me his blessing to post a brief message about mortgage rates. If you haven’t heard, we’ve hit record lows in mortgage rates this week and I’ve been quoting 30 year fixed rates under 3.0%! If your current rate is over 3.875% or you’re paying monthly mortgage insurance PM me to find out if I can help you save thousands of dollars. All GPL’ers get the Podcast special which is $300 off your closing costs.

One last thing to keep the lawyers happy…..This is not an offer to lock into an interest rate agreement under Minnesota Law.


Jerry Peters, NMLS # 480200

First Class Mortgage, NMLS # 322842.

I just paid off me house or… 😀

That would be a nice feeling. We still have 10 years to go and a fresh new HELOC for the new basement. We are at that stage where everything we want to do runs in the 5 figures. All the 3 and 4 figure stuff is mostly done