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Bladepuller wrote:

An alternative to a pump, if you have enough fall, is a bell siphon.

A problem with exterior drains is freezing. Would a French drain need heat protection (tape) in the pipe?

My in floor system at ML has a condensing boiler legally discharging into a floor drain. The 1st year the line froze due to only the condensate trickle and no domestic (shower, water closet, kitchen, H2O softener) use.

I now have a 5 gallon tub with a condesate pump taking the condensate from the boiler. The key is when the pump cycles the H2O is a large enough volume that it “runs” vs a trickle. Running water is much harder to freeze.

I have the conventional fix but am going to mess around with making a bell siphon (Lots of info on Youtube) yet still have the pump in the tub, but the float high enough that it would be a back up. Yeah, over thinking it likely but I like to make stuff.

@George hopefully will chime in

Sorry, can’t help. I put a French drain in for a downspout that had to dip under a sidewalk at my house, but otherwise no insight on the issue. My commercial jobs we’ve always handled the drainage in different ways – connected to municipal, daylighted where grade drops or put in a vertical seep well.