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Bladepuller wrote:

An alternative to a pump, if you have enough fall, is a bell siphon.

A problem with exterior drains is freezing. Would a French drain need heat protection (tape) in the pipe?

My in floor system at ML has a condensing boiler legally discharging into a floor drain. The 1st year the line froze due to only the condensate trickle and no domestic (shower, water closet, kitchen, H2O softener) use.

I now have a 5 gallon tub with a condesate pump taking the condensate from the boiler. The key is when the pump cycles the H2O is a large enough volume that it “runs” vs a trickle. Running water is much harder to freeze.

I have the conventional fix but am going to mess around with making a bell siphon (Lots of info on Youtube) yet still have the pump in the tub, but the float high enough that it would be a back up. Yeah, over thinking it likely but I like to make stuff.

@George hopefully will chime in

Our sump pump doesn’t run in the winter (pit is dry) so I assume we don’t have water flow under our house, thank God. If we install a french drain on the exterior, my thought is that it would drain the area of most water during the summer months, and the ground should be mostly free of water come late fall when the ground freezes (and no need for the drain over winter).

If that is the case, the heaving should be eliminated or greatly reduced.

However, we don’t plan to have a new patio poured until the next summer to make sure the drainage is working properly.