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NYC Gopher fan wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

Has anyone ever had drain tile or a french drain installed? I assume I need a landscape company to do this, but I would also assume most landscapers don’t to this type of work.

I am not sure where to start. My house is built on a former sod farm and the water around my house doesn’t drain away very well. We’ve had some frost heave around the base of the house which has pushed the foam insulation up and buckled the siding out. We also have 2 posts from our deck stairs that get pushed up several inches each winter.

I need to get this water away from the house. But I need it done right, and not half-assed.

Story of my last two years. I feel you.

My neighbor just spent 18k on a French drain and complete regrading of his back yard. I think he got several quotes.

Sounds like you need grading for water to properly drain, whether that’s tile or French drain I certainly wouldn’t know. I get such conflicting info from different people. Supposedly my hood is on swamp land so it’s normal for our pumps to run all the time, even in winter. Add in that previous owners of my home finished the basement without adding drain tile (so the sump pit is literally just a pit) and chose not to tie into city pipes when the road was redone.

I installed a battery back up sump, am now going to look into regrading because I need a better solution of where to discharge the sump water

We have a pond just behind our house and are about 10 feet higher than the pond. So our water table should be low. However our type of soil (clay/peat) beneath the ground that holds water rather than letting it drain away. I think it could be graded better (steeper grade) but it isn’t graded toward the house. I need to give the groundwater an underground tunnel.

I certainly don’t like the sound of $18k. :shock: I was thinking more like $7-8. I hope your neighbor had a much larger area to drain than I do. :beg:

After talking with a reputable basement drainage company it sounds like landscapers are the way to go for this project. I found one company that has a web page dedicated to water drainage (french drains, dry river beds, etc). I’ll see what they have to say.