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Bertogliat wrote:

Has anyone ever had drain tile or a french drain installed? I assume I need a landscape company to do this, but I would also assume most landscapers don’t to this type of work.

I am not sure where to start. My house is built on a former sod farm and the water around my house doesn’t drain away very well. We’ve had some frost heave around the base of the house which has pushed the foam insulation up and buckled the siding out. We also have 2 posts from our deck stairs that get pushed up several inches each winter.

I need to get this water away from the house. But I need it done right, and not half-assed.

We just had interior tile installed last Winter. Any basement waterproofing company should be able to help you with this since they also do exterior mitigation

My advice is to call them soon. They were overwhelmed last year and just to get a consult took us 2-3 months.