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davescharf wrote:

D2D wrote:

davescharf wrote:

We did and this is our ‘second opinion’. The guy did show up about 30 minutes late on Friday. He was supposed to be back at 5 tonight to get his equipment and never came, so I guess I’ll have to call them tomorrow and see when I can be home for them to pick it up.

Shows up late…fails to come and get his equipment…which makes me wonder: Can you trust his results?

That thought has crossed my mind

I would have said screw it and left the stuff in a pile outside the garage or by the street. Call the company and say this is where the stuff is located and if the guy or the company cares, thats where they can pick it up. you shouldn’t have to inconvenience yourself because the dude is lazy and left his stuff. My hunch is that it is company issued equipment because if he had to pay for his own stuff, he would have been back to get it.