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Kelly Red wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Apparently no one wants to come do a Radon test in my house. First company never showed up last week and didn’t call me back until about 4 hours after I tried to figure out where they were. I called a different one who’s supposed to be here at 3:00 and no answer from them either.

This is why I really hate dealing with contractors.

We did our own test with a kit provided by our neighborhood, but there are several at Home Depot/Menards. Granted they are not as accurate, but at less then $20 why don’t you try that first. IF the home test comes back with bad or borderline numbers, they recommend you test it again, still less then $20. THEN and only then would I pay several hundred $$.

We did and this is our ‘second opinion’. The guy did show up about 30 minutes late on Friday. He was supposed to be back at 5 tonight to get his equipment and never came, so I guess I’ll have ot call them tomorrow and see when I can be home for them to pick it up