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Don Adams Wheel of Justice wrote:

gopherguy06 wrote:

Is flushing a water heater a thing you should be doing regularly?

Good question. My water heater is 22 years old and has never been flushed in the 16 years we’ve owned the house. I’ve been pondering the idea of replacing it since it’s probably not very efficient anymore and it takes forever for hot water to reach the far end of the house.

Totally understandable to want to replace for the reasons you note above, but I’d suggest to wait until it leaks if you are comfortable with that idea (assuming there is sufficient drainage available in event of a leak). I am a water heater rep and in my experience, you may be able to get another 10 years potentially out of that heater as it appears your water quality must be fairly good. However, should you replace with a new heater, be prepared to generally get about 6 years max out of it as that seems to be the norm now.