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gopherguy06 wrote:

Is flushing a water heater a thing you should be doing regularly?

Technically it should be done once a year. Even if you have soft water, minerals and scale can build up inside of the tank and your volume will reduce over time and cause problems. You also keep your drain valve clear in the event you need to replace it and need to drain the hot water so you can move the old one out.

1. Ensure you turn the power off, the heating elements will blow if they are run dry.

2. Be careful! That water is hot as hell and you can burn yourself. In my first house, the valve was plugged so I had to unscrew each element until the water came out and I had to try and catch in in a bucket….it was a mess, I got hot water all over and the scale was nuts.

All of this being said, I have never drained a water heater in my house, but I drain my one at the lake every fall.