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Wow Goextreme, you are a considerate guy. I just announce no hot water in 30 minutes for a couple hours. For faster water heater draining I unscrew the faucet connector, (*release pressure first*). The fauce is restrictive and sediment gets caught in it. Remove any water heater jacket and make a channel for water to spill into floor drain, screw on an open pipe with hose on it to floor drain to minimize spills. Go to Menards and find a fitting that matches a faucet. I replace the faucet on the water heater because the are cheap and usually leak. It’s still messy but It comes out fast. Wet vac is also a good option to contain the spills. sediment flows out easier and I’m done quicker.. I got a lot of sediment out this way. You can do a flush by allowing water in, open up the water inlet after it’s drained to get out any sediment still inside.

I don’t do this often enough, usually I have lots of sediment. I’ve gotten good at replacing water heaters, one new one in each of my houses.

Mice are the worst, seems like they remember old food sources and keep coming back way after it’s gone. Mine are only in garage (crossed fingers).