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Kelly Red wrote:

D2D wrote:

Kelly Red wrote:

GD mouse is upstairs in our house! Mostly my OFFICE! We have an agreement, they stay in the basement and we provide yummy bait. This one is violating the world order by boldly running along the baseboard in my office and then disappearing down the radiator hole, only to pop up again and again. I’m not afraid of them it’s just startling. He needs to eat his DeCon like a good little mouse and drift away to dreamland. :censored:

So irritating! Have you tried the old fashioned mousetraps with peanut butter? When we’ve occasionally had one those little traps get ’em every time!

Update: He’s been taken care of (said in New Jersey accent while eating red sauce). I do have a few old fashioned traps. Like I said, he violated the house rules so the nuclear option was used. 5 minutes after it was down SNAP.

Might as well reset. There’s probably more than one. :x

This bad boy works great but it’s a little pricey.