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Greyeagle wrote:

Bladepuller wrote:

We have.

Her web site is : Balsam Knoll Consulting. The cabin project is ours.

Wow, that looks awesome! Congratulations on the updated place!

I may need to pick your brain at some point. The boss and I are strongly considering tying to do a teardown/rebuild in the next few years to YE’s cabin ;) similar to what you did. From the pictures I saw on your daughter’s company FB page I really like what I can see of your floorpan as well as the colors, design, etc. Very similar to the look we envision.

If she’s wondering who the goofball is who recently liked/followed her FB page you now know who. :D

Thanks SS.

The place has been all we hoped. We don’t live there full time. It was meant as a family place to gather and we had a great Xmas there with both girls families. 8 adults and a 8 yr old makes a full house.

I have not gone to a single game this year but still am a STH. Maybe we meet up before one of the last games?

Going to try to make the last games.