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Kelly Red wrote:

A designer is often worth the money because they can help prevent mistakes or just offer suggestions of better use of space. A simple basement just being finished off is one thing. A basement where you want an extra bed/bathroom plus family space often needs professional help.

We used Shelly Santine, a local architect, for a major bathroom remodel. She offered ideas for creative space we never would have thought of on our own.


She did the blueprints and our contractor did the work.

Thank you for hiring an Architect. As one myself, I would obviously vouch for you to use one. Going with a builder or contractor, they tend to waste a lot of space, even on small projects. Hiring an architect, while it adds expense, will often result in a smaller, more efficient design that makes better use of the space and likely fits your needs better than a generic box that many builders use. As you stated, creative uses of space.

I also recommended an architect to observe construction on your behalf. It amazes me the corners that contractors and subcontractors cut that do not get caught by building inspectors (who oftentimes do not know what they are inspecting…). They work on your behalf, rather than the contractor who works on his/her own behalf.

You don’t need to go David Salmela on it https://www.salmelaarchitect.com/” class=”bbcode_url”>https://www.salmelaarchitect.com/ but you certainly could.